We'd like to thank all friends, helpers, sponsors and partners for their trust, passion and their great support. The "Zoo" wouldn't be possible without these partners and friends:



  • Rock it
  • Brauerei Lehner
  • Zollernalb Kurier
  • Urs Blindenbacher (Booking Schweiz)
  • Udo Tidemann
  • DWS
  • Tim Goldschmidt (tigonet)
  • Resources International Network Inc.
  • Fish (Leadership Feichtinger)
  • MS Productions
  • Schmid AGI
  • Michael Schlude (wuerttembergische.de)
  • Bistro Krokodil
  • Alte Brauerei
  • Paul Bossenmaier
  • Oli
  • Mario Piblica
  • Marion Gross from www.rockpearlandbluesdrop.com - Thanks for the great pictures!
  • Stephane Harnisch from www.concerts-live.ch for the amazing pictures
  • BOB Media
  • AOR Heaven
  • And of course our families!


We want to say sorry to all people who helped us on our way but we forgot to mention in this page. This is not our intention but is caused by human failure :-)


Sorry guys!!



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